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TITLE: Amnesty
SERIES:  (Amnesia #2)
AUTHOR: Cambria Hebert
GENRE: Mystery | Thriller
PUBLICATION: August 18th, 2017
There’s freedom in remembering.

My past is a double-edged sword.
Damned if I do remember, damned if I don’t.
Remembering beyond the horrors I already have will change me. Change us. 
But, what if I’m living a lie? What if everything I thought was wrong, what if who I thought I was is wrong?
If not her, then…
Who am I?
Eddie says it doesn’t matter, but deep down I’m terrified it does.
I’m trapped. Held prisoner by a past I can’t remember and a future that might not belong to me.
There’s a light though, not at the end of the tunnel… But wavering in the distance, calling to me from Rumor Island.
That light, it scares me far more than darkness. Am I brave enough to confront it? 
So many questions, so few answers.
I don’t have a choice; the truth always finds a way to the surface. Finally learning who I really am will be a permanent life sentence:
Total punishment or absolute amnesty.
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There’s freedom in remembering. 

This review is going to be a no frills, spoiler free review, just go into this series blind, enjoy it as it should be read, love it as many others before me have. 

AMNESTY: Is the second book in the (Amnesia Duet) by Cambria Hebert, Amnesia needs to be read before jumping onto this book to fully understand. 

This picks up right where Amnesia left off so after reading and loving the first book I put on my stalkers cloak and as soon as this went live I one clicked this baby. The suspense, the waiting, the longing nearly killed me!! And finally that day arrived when I had my own copy in my hands and I was in my happy place inhaling this baby like a drug addict. I could NOT put it down!!


Amnesia still longs for the day that her true identity is revealed to her, fleeting jumbled, distorted pictures flitter through her mind which only not just confuse her more but us readers also but it also keeps us on our toes waiting for the ball to drop. 

After glimpsing at a few reviews and noticing a few screamed the plot twist I was prepared but not as prepared for it as I thought I was, a total game changer, if you thought you knew what was going to happen think again, chapter fourteen is a complete game changer. 

All those unanswered questions are finally answered, we find out who she really is, it’s finally revealed who kidnapped her, but then delving deeper there’s still some questions that are left unanswered, like how was she kidnapped? Is there not anyone looking for her? Where did she come from? But like Amnesia we’re also left in the dark wondering. 


I loved this, probably even more than the first, I loved the suspense, the chaos amongst the love, the game changer that had me biting my nails, the sadness that this series has ended and we have to say goodbye to these characters, such a bittersweet feeling. I’m so glad I took that plunge and tried something different, this isn’t normally a genre I tend to jump on but I got hooked, the uniqueness of the storyline reeled me in, the dark gritty undertone, the romance that blossomed from out of the darkness. Will definitely be seeking out this author again. 

* Teasers used is off the Authors facebook page * 

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♕ REVIEW ♕ ARC ♕ Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

TITLE: Drunk Dial
AUTHOR: Penelope Ward
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION: August 21st, 2017
From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Look up Landon Roderick, that boy from childhood whom I’d never been able to forget—even though he so easily forgot about me—and call him. 

Then again, anything sounds like a good idea when you’ve had a little too much wine before bed, right? It was supposed to be just a quick, meaningless, prank call. Instead, I went off on him—unloading thirteen years of pent-up emotions. 

I didn’t think he’d call me back. 

I certainly could never have anticipated the weeks of sexually tense phone conversations that followed as I got to know the man he’d become. 

Turned out, Landon had never really forgotten me, either. That special connection we had was still there. I opened up to him, but there were also things about me he didn’t know. And he had his own secrets. 

Over the countless hours we talked on the phone, I wondered what would happen if we actually saw each other. One night, I did something impulsive again. Only this time, I went to the airport and booked a ticket to California. We were about to find out if one phone call could bring two lost souls together or if my drunk dial really was all just a big mistake.

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DRUNK DIAL: Is a new, sexy, standalone romance novel by Penelope Ward. In this we have the privilege of meeting the gorgeous hot tatted up Landon Roderick and belly dancer Rana Saloomi. 


Our story was a lot like a Rubik's Cube - colourful and complicated. It took years to work it out, but then suddenly like magic, on a random Sunday, everything all came together. 

These two unlikely duo met way back in their early teens when Rana’s family lived in Landon’s families converted garage on their property. Landon used to tease her relentlessly, leave her little notes and his nickname for her was ‘RAH na Ba NAH na’ 

Why do you always look away when you catch me staring at you? Sometimes I'm trying to send you telepathic messages and you totally ruin it. You haven't started barking like a dog so I'm guessing you didn't get my last command. 

For the time her family lived there he was everything to her. But when her family uproots and suddenly left that was the last time she ever saw him again. 

But needless to say every now and then her mind would always wander back to the boy that stole her first crush. Now both twenty-six she wonders what his life is like now. 

One night after work as a belly dancer, one bottle of wine later she thinks why the heck not look up Landon, drunk dialling his number seemed like an even better idea. Then drunk rambling down the mouthpiece giving him a piece of her mind seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time too. 

It would've been romantic if I wasn't drunk as a skunk when I dialed him. 


Cold reality when she ends the call and she’s sitting there wondering what the fuck she’d just done.

Moments, seconds, minutes later the phone rings and rings picking up she never expected to hear his voice from just moments ago reconnecting so soon afterwards after she'd hung up on him. 

Day by day, night by night over the continent they reconnect via phone calls, all walls come tumbling down, slowly they let the other in, lines become blurred when their feelings transgress from friends to unchartered waters. A slow burn romance ensues, devastating secrets are revealed, that to others may break them but only made them stronger. 

This was a sickly, sweet emotional novel, from start to finish I was absorbed in their story, their ups and downs, their triumphs, their sexy times. You could even go so far as calling this a second chance romance, I loved how slowly their reconnection progressed, I loved how he didn't try changing her, he accepted her flaws and all and vise versa, secrets revealed, and it ended perfectly on a high note though I would've loved to have read if she'd reconnected or found her mother. Other than that this was a perfect Sunday read. 

* Teaser used is off the Authors facebook page * 


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♕ REVIEW ♕ ARC ♕ Cyanide (Surface Rust, #1) by Ella Fields

TITLE: Cyanide
SERIES:  (Surface Rust, #1)
AUTHOR: Ella Fields
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: August 24th, 2017
Heartless. Conceited. Shallow.
Three simple words to describe me. 

I had everything a girl could ask for, yet nothing I truly needed.
I'd made peace with who I was and the expectations set upon me long ago.
Only to have that peace shattered when a nameless hero rode into my world. 

I wasn't allowed to have him.
Too bad I never cared much for the word no.

Because I'd soon learn the hard way that too much self-indulgence could result in incurable consequences.

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CYANIDE: this is the first book in the (Surface Rust) series by Ella Fields. If you've read 'Frayed Silk' you would've already have had the privilege of meeting Jared but to understand this book there is no need at all to read that before jumping onto this as I have not read the above mentioned book. 

Vera Marie Bramston has lived the life of a fairy princess, since she was young and raised by her father she was never in need of anything, everything she asked for it was delivered, but the only thing she really craved and wished for was love. If it wasn't for the love of books and falling under the spell of handsome princes her life would be beyond unbearable. A nanny and a butler who think she's spoilt beyond measure, a mother that took off with the first handsome man she saw, and a father who is never there. 

Love has always fascinated me. All my life I've spent hours obsessing over it through the pages of books. The adventure, the magic, the risk, the beauty of it, never daring to hope that it might one day be something I could have myself. True, real love. 

Getting into a heated argument with her boyfriend after being blindsided at looking at houses she demands to be let out of his car, after his departure and not being able to get cell phone coverage walking along a busy dangerous highway she’s up shits creek without a paddle, but at least she’s decked out in the best clothes money can buy, from head right down to her Gucci wedges. .

UNTIL she’s rescued by a knight on a shinning black Harley who pulls over and demands she jump on behind him. A walking, talking, tall, dark, and delicious drink of bad. 


Thinking that she would never see him again she's astounded by the amount of times they actually cross paths. A man with commitment issues. 

Their love story is not an easy one to read there are many obstacles thrown at them not only from family, social standing but themselves included. But in the end true love prevailed all. 

My green eyed hero
My endless adventure
My everything that matter. 

I had a preconceived perception going into this book that we'd be stepping into the forbidden territory of cheating, and I have no idea where I even came up with that thought. But getting over that, I fell in love with these two characters, Vera, came across like a snotty stuck up socialite but she had so much depth to her, I crazy loved her character, a sharp shooter with a forked tongue, she didn't give a shit what anyone thought of her. Now let's talk about Jared, god this guy had me from the get go, he's the epitome of how we all want our men to be, rough around the edges, purely alpha with a dirty mouth but now and then you'd see a vulnerable side to him, a happy go lucky kind of guy who took life by the horns. All I can say is get ready to swoon, because swoon you will. 

These two characters should not have worked, opposites in every way conceivable, but they were just imperfectly perfect together, the man from the wrong side of the tracks, from completely different worlds, a grease monkey who had his hooks in a modern day cinderella.


My green eyed hero. My endless adventure. My everything that matters. A lowly smartass mechanic from the wrong side of the proverbial tracks. We don't need perfect when what we have is real. 

* Teasers used are off the authors facebook page * 



SERIES: (Oh Tequilla Series Book#1)
AUTHOR: C.A. Harms
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: August 15th, 2017
Tequila, you failed me.

You left me in a terrible haze, and I can’t find my god damn wallet.

Or my left shoe.

How the hell does one lose their shoe?

I have no f*cking clue.

All I know is that my night started out with one thing in mind…to have a little fun.

The problem with that? I can’t remember a damn thing, except one.

Morgan’s soft and needy moans. It’s a sound I will never forget, just thinking about it makes my heart race and my pulse quicken. And I want to hear it over and over again…I craved it.

But Morgan’s a mystery. The harder I try the more she resists. There’s one thing she doesn’t know about me though…I’m not one to give up.

I’ll play her game, I’ll let her think she’s won. But in the end, I will have her.

Because all I need is Just One Chance to prove she’s meant for me…

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Before I could say anything, Xavier hooked me around the waist and stepped closer to Pete. “Hi, you must be Pete,” he said, thrusting his hand out toward the dumbfounded man. “I’m Xavier, Morgan’s boyfriend, and we’re here to meet Marcus.” 

“Um, y-y-yeah.” I felt awful at Pete’s obvious stuttering. “L-l- let me show you both to your table.” 

“You are awful.” I slapped at his arm as he slid his hand lower, cupping my ass. “What are you gonna do next, pee on my leg?” 

I walked away from him but I could hear his laughter echoing behind me. Apparently Xavier Stone was on some type of high horse. As I approached the table I had a feeling that my best friend had some involvement in this fiasco.

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.
She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

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♕ REVIEW ♕ ARC ♕ Toxic by Nicole Blanchard

TITLE: Toxic
AUTHOR: Nicole Blanchard
GENRE: Romance
PUBLICATION: August 22nd, 2017
A new standalone dark romance coming from New York Timesand USA Today bestselling author Nicole Blanchard.

"John Doe" was just another patient. A criminal.

As a prison nurse, I knew the rules: do my job, don’t get involved, and never let a prisoner get under my skin.

I broke all three.

My passion, my obsession, my addiction. I risked my entire life so we could be together.

I thought helping him escape from prison would be the hard part.

It turns out when you fall in love with a villain, you also turn into one.
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TOXIC: A standalone dark romance novel Nicole Blanchard.

Twenty-seven year old Tessa Emmerson RN, knew the rules, as a prison nurse she knew not to overstep the boundaries with the inmates at Blackthorne Correctional Institute that held high risk prisoners. 

 Do my job, don’t get involved, and never let a prisoner get under my skin.

Things aren’t the greatest in her personal life, where she’s suffocating on a daily basis, a husband that rules the roost with an iron fist, instead of showering her with love and devotion, he showers her with cruelty and bruises. What makes her situation more precarious is he has eyes everywhere, being the warden where she works, she’s on tenterhooks not just at work but at home too. 

So when a prisoner (John Doe) aka thirty-five year old Gracin Kingsley shows her some form of affection that she craves all the above three rules are smashed to smithereens.


He’s the devil incarnate, the snake that tempted Eve. 

When he’s signed to help her in the ward things get heated up between them fast.

My passion, my obsession, my addiction. I risked my entire life so we could be together. 

Now fugitives on the run from the law..Both with blood on their hands. 


It turns out when your life falls to pieces right before your eyes, it isn't with a bang. It's with a whisper. 

Just a word of warning for some this book may cause triggers, spouse abuse, and is very much in your face, it's not glossed over.

This took me a while to get into, Tessa was a victim of domestic violence, no children so really there was nothing keeping her there within the relationship, no ties binding her to him so I found it hard connecting with her in the beginning and couldn't comprehend why she didn't get out of that situation sooner. It's not until she meets Gracin that she grows a backbone and we see her going from a wall flower to a spitfire with a tough inner bitch that doesn't take any more shit, and it was at this stage that I started connecting with her more.

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